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Chit Chat Toolbar has in-built, editable list of search engines for Firefox & IE
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Chit Chat

The Chit Chat Toolbar is a tool for Internet browsers. It is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It has a good search engine incorporated in it and a decent number of widgets, mostly for social networks and online auction sites.

The search tab is nicely done. You can choose to search on Yahoo, Ebay and Amazon. This could help you save some time if you are searching for something in particular on an auction site. It also has widgets for Ebay and Amazon if you want to access the sites faster.

The toolbar also has a very nice online radio. It took quite a while before it loaded, but after that I could choose from a wide variety of stations. It even detected some local stations from my area.

Other widgets included in the Chit Chat Toolbar are for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you click them you will be taken to the homepage of those social networks. Basically they are primarily for easier access to the websites.

The number of options is very limited within the toolbar. You can only activate or deactivate any of the existing widgets, check for automatic updates and some minor search settings. Most toolbars offer the possibility to add more widgets, or add shortcuts to the programs installed on your computer. You cannot do any of these on the Chit Chat Toolbar.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use


  • Other widgets cannot be added
  • Compatible only with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
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